Content Marketing


Content MarketingBasic principles in Content Marketing:

  • Publish relevant content
  • Write to engage your visitors
  • Constantly update with new topics
  • Adapt to your reader’s needs

The biggest misconception among online businesses is that, if they want to make it to the top of search engine page results, they have to create as much content as possible regardless of its quality. But getting to the top of search page results is not just about the search engine rules. People who actually visit your site need to be engaged to return and be converted to customers. If you want to get the highest profits from your online business, content marketing should be a priority! As a matter of fact, the content you post on your website can attract customers, or turn them off and deter them from coming back. But when you master the positive side of content marketing, the effect you’ll see is increased sales!

So does that mean that I have to write content myself?

If you’re quite passionate about writing, you can always do some writing yourself. It’s good to know everything that it takes to run a website. However, since there’s so much to do, it’s ideal if you delegate some of your content marketing to talented writers that can quickly and easily add content for you. Just make sure that the content that you publish is good, something that will keep visitors to your site interested; with a goal in mind as well that they will want to come back for more, and end up becoming a customer – hopefully one that does repeat business for you.

So this content marketing, how do I go about it?

But of course, you can’t just post anything under the sun. You need to publish something that’s relevant to the product that you offer. Take for example this situation, you run a website that sells pet products; obviously, your content marketing should also be directed to the aim that visitors and readers will also want to buy the pet products that you offer. This way, you are making the most out of your resources while at the same time keeping your customers interested and search engines recognizing your keywords and content. Killing two birds with one stone, that’s what it is – and that’s how the game ought to be played.

So I’m publishing some pretty riveting content, why is it not translating into revenues and profits?

The internet is versatile, with competition being very tough – coming at you at all angles. You need to be quick to recognize flaws in your content marketing so you can easily tweak it and adapt to what your market wants. If you have several products that you offer, say 5 products, and only 1 out of those 5 products are selling quite well – you will want to focus your content marketing more on that saleable product while figuring out how to make the other four sell better.

Of course, you shouldn’t just give up if your content marketing is ineffective the first time around. You need to try different things till you get the right working equation for your website. Just remember to think positive, and always be alert to any changes in your market.