online marketing service

Most of us can’t get through a single week without purchasing some online service from a small business. Whether you’re going to the local food mart, or fixing your car, washing your car you are utilizing the services of a local entrepreneur. It’s the one- to- one local contact aspect of marketing your service that makes it so different from marketing the average product. The word “service” itself implies a more personal interaction. And if your company is focused on providing a great online service, a marketing campaign that builds relationships is essential to your success.

First off, let customers know you. Good relationships are built on trust. Therefore let customers learn as much as they can about you and your company and the people that stand behind it. In particular women shoppers usually look for deeper information before deciding on which company or service they want to choose. The vast majority of both male and female shoppers do research on the web before deciding which company they want to hire or purchase from. For that a website is a smart and affordable way to convey in depth information about your service or company.

Secondly, compete based on value. What will make your customers choose your online service versus your competitor’s? Most people choose the service provider that delivers the greatest value for the money. One of the best ways to ensure that these customers are choosing you is to offer “bundles” also known as adding products or services that elevate your offer. Take the time to develop a good service bundle that will appeal to customers, trying out different offers until you find the best combination; then modify it periodically to keep your content fresh.

Another useful tip for your online service is to tempt your customers with incentives and not just bundles. You can send coupons through mail providers. Make new offers or specials. Keep in touch with your customers. It’s smart to keep a close connection to your customers because it is a lot cheaper to keep a customer than to make a new one. If you’re not communicating with your customer database at least every four to six weeks, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your business. Alternate with sales calls and emails. Don’t always use the hard sell tactics such as pitching too often, instead entice them with e – newsletters containing case stories of other soft sell but relevant and valuable information.

Make a habit of periodically using your marketing communications for referrals. You can email and send newsletters. But always remember to keep your customers happy with your online service.  By providing regular information about your company for your new customers and ongoing offers and communication with existing customers, you will create a positive campaign with your online service that builds strong relationships with its customers.